Youth Evangelism Fund Application Review.
*First Name
Lead Young Person
*Last Name
Lead Young Person
Contact Address *Address1:    
*Email Address
Lead Young Person
*Mission Academy
E.g. South West Mission Academy
*Mission Academy Facilitator's First Name
*Mission Academy Facilitator's Last Name
*Mission Academy Facilitator's Email
*Mission Academy Facilitator's Telephone
*Lead Church/Organistation
This will be the organistation that receives a grant if your application to the YEF is successful
*Church/Organisation Finance Contact (Title, first name & last name)
E.g. The Church Treasurer or Accounts Manager
Church/Organisation Address Address1:    
*Bank Account Name
E.g. St Matthew, Westminster - Youth Account
*Bank Account Number (8 digits)
E.g. 01234567
*Bank Account Sort Code (6 digits)
E.g. 123456
*Project Name
*A brief description of your project
200 words max
*Total Project Cost
*Grant Amount Requested
YEF will normally fund up to 50% of the project's cost
*Please list what items make up your total project cost
E.g. T shirts: 500, Refreshments: 250... etc.
*What is your project trying to achieve?
*What practical steps will you take that will help you do this?
*What do you think success for your project will look like?
*Are there any potential threats to the project, which may mean it does not go as well as planned?
*What do you think the future holds for your project once the Mission Academy has finished?
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