Application Review

*Brief Project Description
Please provide a brief description of your project (250 character max.)
*Name of church (location and dedication)
E.g. Westminster, St. Matthew
Address of Church *Address1:      
(if applicable)
Church Website
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*Legal Status
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Charity Number
(if applicable)
Listing status of church building
Average Sunday Attendance
Parish Population (approx.)
Electoral Roll
Average no. of visitors per year
Use of Church Outside of Worship
Please tell us about the church's use outside of worship (e.g. concerts, community activities)
Date of latest quinquennial inspection report
Brief description of current condition of building
*Contact Name
(Title / First name / Surname)
*Role within the church
e.g. Vicar, Church Warden, Volunteer, Fundraiser
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*Telephone No.
*Email Address
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Alternative Contact Name
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Alternative Contact Telephone No.
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*Name of Bank Account
e.g. St Matthew's PCC - Building Fund Account
Bank Account Number
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Bank Sort Code
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*Amount Requested
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*Total Project Cost
(Excluding professional fees and VAT)
Project VAT Cost
(if applicable)
*Total Funds Raised to Date
(If no funds raised to date, please enter '0')
*Breakdown of funds received
Please list amounts raised and sources and indicate if you have obtained support from Heritage Lottery Fund, English Heritage, CADW, Historic Scotland or the DoENI (where relevant).
*Project Shortfall
Project shortfall = total project cost - funds raised to date
*Please provide a breakdown of how you will raise the funds required in order to meet your shortfall
e.g. pending grant applications, future fundraising events etc
*Faculty or Other Approvals
Work proposed may need a faculty, approval under the Care of Cathedrals Measure, or other approval from a local authority. Has this been sought?
Anticipated project start date
(If known - NB work cannot be funded retrospectively)
Anticipated project completion date
(If known - NB work cannot be funded retrospectively)
Income as stated in latest set of accounts
Expenditure as stated in latest set of accounts
*Unrestricted reserves
Unrestricted reserves as stated on latest set of accounts
*Total Reserves
Total reserves as stated on latest set of accounts
Amount of Parish Share requested by Diocese in previous year
(if applicable)
Parish Share paid in previous year
(if applicable)
Additional Comments
Please feel free to supply in support of your application additional information about financial position (for example, income from other church-owned facilities) and other commitments.
Conservation report (for furnishings/artworks) or Summary description of proposed works (for fabric repairs)
Conservator/contractor's itemised estimate (for furnishings/artworks) or Architect's specification/schedule of works (for fabric repairs)
Quinquennial Inspection report
Latest set of approved accounts
Statements of Significance/Need
Supporting letter 
Please provide a letter of support from your Archdeacon
Photograph (internal view of building in .jpg format)
Photograph (external view of building in .jpg format)
Plan of building indicating location of object/works (in .pdf format)
Copy of the decision letter from your application to HLF or other major funders
For fabric repair grants only. If applying for other grants, please leave empty
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